Have we mentioned our fantastic drummer Eric James Peterson and our wonderful bass/lap steel player Judah Collins lately? We're so excited to be rocking with them and can't wait to see you at the upcoming shows!


Alrighty! Justin is back in San Francisco after his year rocking Nashville and we're back to writing and getting ready for shows! Our booking agent Mary Goree is working on getting us some killer stuff lined up through the end of the year. We're really looking forward to showcasing the new songs. See you soon!



We'll be rocking The Uptown in Oakland on Friday, July 19! Can't wait to see you there! www.uptownnightclub.com/


Really looking forward to our show tomorrow night at the Hopmonk Tavern in Novato, opening for indie faves Nova Albion. See you there!


We've just released not one but two new videos! Totally Happening is a video to a live audio version of that song. And Stars Turn Me On was shot on a frequent walk of mine through San Francisco. Both were edited by the great Mahoko. Check them out on the Videos tab of this site. We hope you dig them!


Hello and welcome to our new project! Justin and I are really excited about the songs and think you'll dig the album. It's been so much fun writing the songs over the past couple of years, and we both stretched ourselves way out of our comfort zones. And now the fun really begins... figuring out how to translate it live! We'd love to see you at our first show at Bottom of the Hill on January 27. We really can't wait.

See you soon and Happy Holidays!

xo Clem